Sunday, June 17, 2007

Adding Google Adsense Into Blogger XML Post Body

Adding Google Adsense code into the new Blogger (Beta) template is easy. Since the Blogger started using XML, everything is more strict and standardized. The Adsense code is not standized XML. To solve this problem, we need to replace all the html character such as '<' with '>' '"' with '"'. For detail, read this great and easy tutorial about how to Insert Google Adsense Into Blogger XML Post Body.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

3-Column Sun Flowers Template For New Blogger (Blogger Beta)

This is my first 3-column Blogger template with header image for New Blogger (Blogger Beta). The template’s width is 995px and has the best preview in 1024×768px screen resolution.

Visit 3-Column Sun Flowers Template for New Blogger to download the file.

Adding "Subscribe Feed" Blogger Widget

I also add "Subscribe Feed" Blogger Widget in this blog. This is a simple widget for users to easily provide buttons to several popular feed subscription site. The article/source is "Subscribe Feed" Blogger Widget.